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The world loves to celebrate entrepreneurs who disrupt markets and industries.

This year, iDE is celebrating entrepreneurs who are changing communities and ending poverty.


Throughout our 40th year powering entrepreneurs to end poverty, we will be highlighting 40 exceptional entrepreneurs that have changed their communities. Entrepreneurs who show grit and courage while the odds are stacked against them. We’ll announce 2 new entrepreneurs every week, culminating in early September.

Meet The Entrepreneurs

What We Do

iDE stands out due to its unique approach to ending poverty. Rather than handing out aid supplies or cash, we use the principles of entrepreneurship to fuel individuals and communities to take charge of their own lives. By training people, connecting them to suppliers and customers, and introducing them to labor-saving technologies, iDE “powers entrepreneurs to end poverty,” creating income opportunities for impoverished, rural households.

iDE has made an impact in the lives of nearly 40 million people in the past four decades, boosting incomes, improving wellbeing, and creating lasting change. We strive for a ten-fold return, meaning that every dollar invested in iDE results in at least an additional $10 in annual income or livelihood improvements for the people we work with.

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