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Farm Business Advisor

Rumbidzai Nganhamo’s farming journey began in Machipanda, a small town in Mozambique nestled near the border of Zimbabwe. Initially, she worked alone, tending to her produce and selling it to support her husband, their four children, and three adopted children. After hearing about iDE’s “farming as a family business” training and approach, Rumbidzai was inspired to participate and envisioned a future where everyone in her family could contribute to their household and future.

However, Rumbidzai’s husband Wilson was initially hesitant to support his wife’s endeavors. He struggled with the idea of not being consulted as the traditional male provider. He believed that empowering Rumbidzai would diminish his own standing. But as he witnessed his wife’s progress and observed the positive changes in their lives, his perspective shifted dramatically. They began to work together and leverage each other’s strengths. Rumbidzai excelled at record keeping while Wilson became more involved in production and marketing, embracing the strategies and techniques his wife learned from iDE.

Within a year, Rumbidzai’s family business became well-known and respected. Community leaders consider her a valuable point of contact on agricultural matters and suppliers clamor to do business with her. “They come to us offering services like painting our shop, agro-input sales on consignment, reduced prices, etc. My wife even says “no” to those who offer so little benefit to us,” said Wilson enthusiastically.

Rumbidzai is proud of her community role ensuring her customers are connected to the things they need. She runs a WhatsApp group for local farmers to exchange ideas and seek advice. Serving over 500 clients monthly, she has employed several women as commission-based sales agents guaranteeing even the most rural communities have access to agricultural services and knowledge.

What's next for Rumbidzai

Having built a shop and purchased herself a motorcycle to reach her customers more easily, Rumbidzai’s next plan is to build a storage house for her produce.

We have managed to build an agricultural inputs shop, something I never dreamt about in my life and there were scrambles among the five suppliers I work with i.e. K2, Casa dos Agricultor, Promac, SeedCo, and Syngenta for space to paint my shop ... Promac gave me a 48 inch flat screen television to play videos for my clients in the shop to demonstrate use of their products. Since we live in remote areas, a television on its own is bait because some people have never seen it so close to them it helps me to push volumes. —Rumbidzai

Rumbidzai's Details

  • Mozambique
  • Agriculture
Entrepreneur Impact
  • Motivating Investment
  • Access to finance
  • Availability of Technology
  • Output Marketing
  • Training & Capacity Building
  • Local Distribution & Sales
  • Job Creation
  • Production
Ecosystem Impact
  • Local Economic Development
  • Food & Nutrition Security
  • Transformative Market Participation

Country Profile

  • 181/189

    Human Development Index (HDI) Rank

  • 64%

    Poverty Rate

  • 32 Million People


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