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Working closely with the Vietnamese government, iDE has been using a market-based approach to increase the incomes of the poor since 1991, addressing agricultural challenges as well as expanding markets for sanitation.

Why we’re here—

Vietnam’s reduction in poverty has been remarkable: from 60 percent of its population in 1990 to 20 percent in 2010. However, much of the new affluence is attributed to urbanization. The rural population, most of whom are rice farmers, struggle daily to improve their livelihoods, with rising temperatures and water levels due to climate change threatening their productivity.

Every Toilet Matters

Ho Thi Thanh My (on the left) is a latrine saleswoman and the leader of the Women’s Union in her area. Over the course of a year, she sold 35 latrines by meeting with community groups and engaging villagers in their homes. This number may seem small, but that's 100 people who used to travel into the bush to relieve themselves everyday who now have access to a clean, sanitary toilet—better for them, and better for their environment. 

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What we do—

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Resilient Market Ecosystems

For developing world entrepreneurs to succeed they must participate in market ecosystems that are economically competitive, inclusive of all people, and resilient to shocks such as conflict or changing climates. By listening to every stakeholder—producers, suppliers, retailers and customers—we can overcome critical bottlenecks and develop lasting solutions. 

Learn more about iDE’s approach to resilient market ecosystems.

How We Do It —


iDE’s Vietnam team works with small-scale farms to increase horticulture production and water-use efficiency using low-cost drip and sprinkler irrigation technologies. Our extension programs promote more efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizer application techniques for rice cultivation. iDE is also developing value chains for livestock production and building the capacity for local partners to provide services and support for small farms.

Learn more about iDE's commitment to Agriculture.


iDE invented the market approach to sanitation, which began in Vietnam and is now used by us and other organizations throughout the world. It is one approach used by the Vietnamese government to increase latrine adoption, a significantly more market-oriented approach compared to past practices. iDE also collaborates with public and private organizations to promote technologies for improving household water supplies, popularize hygienic practices, and reduce tobacco use.

Learn more about iDE's commitment to WASH.

Resilience to Climate Change

The traditional flood method of irrigation in Vietnam consumes large amounts of water from the water table. As water tables diminish, sea water moves in causing soil salination, a condition that is intolerable to many crops. iDE works with farmers and retailers in Vietnam to adopt micro-irrigation technologies, which use a third of the water that traditional methods use. 

 As climate change continues to put pressure on Vietnam’s resources, water-smart technology will become a vital instrument for small farmers’ success.
Learn more about iDE’s commitment to Smart Technologies.

Gender Equity

Women are a larger segment of the lower-paid occupations in Vietnam, with cultural norms that assign them both a lower status and most of the responsibility for unpaid family labor such as elder care and housekeeping.

By focusing on women as customers and entrepreneurs, iDE strengthens their participation in rural value chains and increases their access to technology, know-how, finance, and markets.

Learn more about iDE’s commitment to Gender Equity.

Planting on the straight and narrow

Changing agricultural methods to increase yields sustainably in Vietnam

Compared to mainstream fertilizers and air-borne applications, Fertilizer Deep Placement produces 40% less chemical runoff and 30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. It also increases yields, leading to a win-win for the farmer and for the environment.

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From skeptic to change agent

A government employee embraces the market in Vietnam

Building markets for sanitation always has challenges, but the conditions in Vietnam provide particular barriers. From the top levels of Vietnam’s communist leadership to local government employees, iDE needed to overcome negative perceptions of sales and marketing in order to drive latrine adoption and behavior change.

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iDE in Vietnam

Representative Office: 27 Nguyen Thi Sau, Hoa Xuan ward, Cam Le district, Da Nang City, Vietnam

Field Coordination Office: 44 Tran Van On St., Hue, Vietnam

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