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Health & Hygiene Products Sales Agent

Sarin is a woman sales agent in the healthcare sector in Moulavibazar. Disseminating health products and knowledge across rural Bangladesh is not an easy task. Sarin encountered difficulties due to deeply ingrained beliefs held by locals, such as the misconception that medicine causes infertility in women. After receiving training from iDE, she learned and applied more effective sales techniques and was able to advise women and families on a range of products and services. Sarin now offers blood pressure tests and diabetes testing, while counseling pregnant mothers, adolescents, and children on health concerns. Although she is seen as pushing traditional social boundaries, the number of villagers requesting her services has grown significantly, and her earnings have tripled.

Thanks to Sarin, her customers are able to purchase essential nutritional and hygiene products that are not easy to find in this rural community such as sanitary napkins, birth control pills, and condoms. For many, access to these personal products is more than just a convenience, it’s a matter of freedom, providing the dignity and mobility they need to pursue their own path in life.

What's next for Sarin

Looking ahead, Sarin plans to expand her business further by investing more in her services and extending her reach through home-based delivery on a pre-order basis.

Sarin Akter holds a 40 Under 40 certificate presented to her by the iDE Bangladesh management team for exemplifying the highest qualities of entrepreneurship: business savvy, courage, community-mindedness, innovation, leadership, and grit. Sarin also deserves to be recognized for showing that women can work outside the home, earning an income while improving the quality of life in her community.

Healthcare sales agents, like Sarin Akter and Shibu Rani Deb (shown left), provide an essential link to menstrual health products and education. Far too many adolescent girls and women resort to using unhygienic rags during menstruation because they lack access to affordable products.

Sarin in the news

Congratulations to Sarin for being covered in a healthcare media platform!

Sarin's Details

  • Bangladesh
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Entrepreneur Impact
  • Local Distribution & Sales
  • Training & Capacity Building
Ecosystem Impact
  • Food & Nutrition Security

Country Profile

  • 133/189

    Human Development Index (HDI) Rank

  • 14%

    Poverty Rate

  • 166 Million People


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