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iDE Photography, Graphics, Illustration, Video and Audio Guidelines and Permissions

iDE photography, graphics, illustration, video, and audio may only be used to promote iDE. They cannot be used for commercial purposes, advertising, or marketing for organizations other than iDE. iDE photos, graphics, illustrations, video and audio cannot be altered, sold, redistributed or used to create derivative works.


iDE photographs, graphics, illustrations, video and audio displayed on at are the property of the iDE, which holds all rights in connection with their usage. 

The majority of illustrations and graphics featured on the website were created by Good Apples under contract with iDE. iDE owns the rights to these illustrations and does not grant permission for their use by anyone other than iDE. 


Prior written permission is required to reproduce iDE photos, video, and audio in any format. Such permissions are granted on a one-time non-exclusive basis and may be renewed.

Written permission is, however, not required for reproduction of iDE photos, videos, and audio materials as allowed by Fair Use. (Fair Use applies solely to scholarly, academic, non-profit, or journalistic use of properly credited iDE.)

Please contact iDE to request licensing permission. You can contact us at


All iDE photos, video, and audio in any format, whether used in print, electronic or online format, must be credited as follows: iDE Photo by [name of photographer] (if available) or as stated in the corresponding photo caption.