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Promila noticed that she had no role models when she began her journey as an entrepreneur so she decided to become one herself. As a mother of four daughters in Barokanabila, Bangladesh, she was motivated not just by a potential increase in income but by proving to her family and community that women can be useful and successful when working outside of the home. She and her husband ran a small family farm and when the opportunity came from iDE to learn more about the advantages of mechanization, Promila knew this was her moment.

After training in seed sowing techniques and machine operation and maintenance as well as learning about access to finance and business record-keeping, Promila used her savings to purchase a power tiller and a seeder machine. She confidently operates the machines herself and does maintenance on them when necessary. With these skills, she provides machine services in three neighboring villages, serving an average of 90 farmers over the three farming seasons and earning between $138 and $165 USD per season.

Promila's success didn't go unnoticed. She was invited to share her story in other villages, further motivating her to work harder and expand her business. She became a role model for other women in the community, inspiring them to break free from traditional gender roles and contribute to their families' economic well-being. As a result, the acceptance of women as family earners increased locally and they began participating in decision-making processes.

What's next for Promila

Today, Promila is the vice president of the Local Service Provider Networking Committee, taking on more responsibilities for the community's development. She has become a change agent, challenging societal norms and proving that women have a rightful place in agricultural activities. Now a total of 15 women are providing land cultivation and seed sowing services in the community.

Promila's Details

  • Bangladesh
  • Agriculture
Entrepreneur Impact
  • Supporting Services
  • Availability of Technology
  • Motivating Investment
Ecosystem Impact
  • Food & Nutrition Security
  • Local Economic Development
  • Transformative Market Participation

Country Profile

  • 133/189

    Human Development Index (HDI) Rank

  • 14%

    Poverty Rate

  • 166 Million People


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