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Join us in ending poverty.

You can help power entrepreneurs change their communities.

Entrepreneurs everywhere are making a difference. In Mozambique, farming as a family business is increasing incomes and improving nutrition. In Ethiopia, young people are learning skills that enable them to start businesses locally rather than having to leave their villages and work in the cities or out of the country. And in Cambodia, entrepreneurs are installing toilets in rural communities and ending open defecation, improving health and people’s ability to earn incomes.

Make a difference right now.

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Donate Today

One entrepreneur can change their community, and millions can change the world. For every $1 you donate, an entrepreneurial family we’re working with earns at least $10 more in annual income.

Join our group of sustaining monthly donors and activate prosperity.

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Give Monthly

By becoming a monthly donor, you join a community of people called the Activators Circle, who believe in the power of entrepreneurship to end poverty.

You want to leave the world a better place. We can make that a reality.

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Planned Giving

Whether you designate iDE as a beneficiary in your retirement plan or leave a percentage of your estate, you will become a part of iDE’s “100 Farmers Society” and your legacy gift will support iDE’s continued work in helping families move out of poverty.

Your choice, their many possibilities

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Other Ways to Give

There are so many ways that you can join iDE in helping people around the world to leave poverty. Don’t sit on the sidelines, start today. Discover all the different options available so you can have an impact, including donating your car, starting a fundraiser, or giving stock. 

Your company believes in the power of markets. So do we. Let’s partner to make them work for everyone.

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Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships are the foundation of iDE’s impact. Because we build markets, companies are important partners in accelerating long-term impact. Together, we can leverage our mutual expertise and values to create transformational impact for families, communities, and the sector as a whole.

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