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Farmer and Business Owner

“My mother and grandmother couldn’t do what I can do,” said Birkinesh. “They had no plan to build for the future and to send their children to school. But my generation has better opportunities.” Birkinesh is a founding member of a local iDE-sponsored women’s economic group, a collective that meets on a monthly basis to contribute money with the goal of accumulating enough to loan to one another or invest in income-generating activities. Today she owns a thriving business selling injera bread. But five years ago, things were very different. “I knew I could change my life,” said Birkinesh. “But I could not get any capital.” After trying different avenues available to her—like taking a loan at a 100% interest rate—she was still not able to build the life she wanted. She was ready to try something new when she was introduced to iDE and the idea of a savings group. Reflecting on what led to her success, Birkinesh noted with a smile, “I had the confidence to change by working hard.”

What's next for Birkinesh

Birkinesh is self-sufficient but she plans to expand into new areas of income. She said, “There is a significant change in my life and my family. My husband is now working in the government office. I am teaching my children and I plan to continue my own education beyond the 8th grade. I have no problem with food security today.”

Birkinesh holds a 40 Under 40 certificate presented to her by the iDE Ethiopia management team for exemplifying the highest qualities of entrepreneurship: business savvy, courage, community-mindedness, innovation, leadership, and grit. "I am very pleased with iDE for recognizing me and presenting me with a certificate." —Birkinesh Fatuke (Photo by Ephrem Abebe)

Birkinesh in the new

Check out this feature on Birkinesh. We're delighted to see this deserving entrepreneur spotlighted in The Ethiopia Reporter. 

Birkinesh's Details

  • Ethiopia
  • Agriculture
Entrepreneur Impact
  • Production
  • Co-managing Resources
Ecosystem Impact
  • Food & Nutrition Security

Country Profile

  • 173/189

    Human Development Index (HDI) Rank

  • 31%

    Poverty Rate

  • 118 Million People


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