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And millions can change the world. 

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We believe that the best way to end poverty is to empower entrepreneurs. iDE coaches businesses that improve their communities and stimulates the market ecosystems in which they operate, helping them to succeed and multiply. In addition to economic prosperity, we ensure these sustainable businesses create gender equity, protect the natural environment, and build resilience to climate change. By scaling up our model, these entrepreneurs will change the world. 

Every $1 you give becomes at least $10 in increased incomes for those working to improve their standard of living. We call this multiplier effect “the power of 10.” It empowers you to activate prosperity where it’s missing in the poorest places around the world.


  • Photo 2020 08 27 10 08 40 1
    UNICEF Distributes 'Yey Komru' Material

    The on-going effort is a chance to continue to amplify hand hygiene messages developed by the iDE Cambodia Innovation Lab with support from the World Bank Group for the Ministry of Rural Development.

    October 15, 2020
  • Yey Komru News Header
    'Yey Komru' Campaign Launches

    The Cambodian project addresses specific child-centered WASH behaviors and has been designed for everyone to use.

    July 1, 2020
  • Corey Playbutton Newsphoto
    Field Report: Nepal

    Under COVID-19 restrictions, farmers in Nepal are unable to access the seeds and technology they need to produce their crops. And the planting season is growing shorter.

    May 28, 2020

Support from donors and foundations funds our efforts to directly address the parts of peoples’ lives that matter—we’re looking for what works, and you can help.

We have boots on the ground in eleven countries on three continents, and our teams live in the provinces, districts, and villages where we work.


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