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Powering entrepreneurs to end poverty.

Climate change is pushing people deeper into poverty but entrepreneurs are pushing back.

You can help them push back harder.

How do we power entrepreneurs to fight climate change?

Your donation supports iDE in building the resilience 
of farmers and their families around the world. iDE provides 
climate-smart technology combined with business knowledge, 
access to finance, and connections to market ecosystems 
where entrepreneurs can flourish and communities can thrive. 

We strive for a 10-fold return on investment so that every $1 you give becomes at least $10 in increased incomes for those working to improve their standard of living.


  • Crypto Whats Happening
    From Blockchain to Cryptocurrency

    After learning the value of blockchain and its ability to empower individuals, iDE embraced the innovation and now accepts a number of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency donations are one of the most tax efficient ways to power entrepreneurs to end poverty.

    March 11, 2022
  • Spring Campaign 2022 Whats Happening News
    iDE's Spring Campaign Champions Equality and Sustainability

    Your gift supports iDE in building the resilience of entrepreneurs around the world, especially women. iDE provides climate-smart technology combined with business knowledge, access to finance, and connections to gender-inclusive market ecosystems where women and girls have a voice and communities can thrive.

    March 8, 2022
  • Gesi Microsite Whats Happening
    Gender Mainstreaming Knowledge Hub Launched

    Gender mainstreaming is an approach to organizational culture, policies and procedures that takes into account both women's and men's interests and concerns. There are countless gender-related resources so iDE's team of experts and consultants identified the best of them and created to best fit your organization's needs.

    March 1, 2022

Support from donors and foundations funds our efforts to directly address the parts of peoples’ lives that matter—we’re looking for what works, and you can help.

We have boots on the ground in ten countries on three continents, and our teams live in the provinces, districts, and villages where we work.


Are you a WASH development professional?

Visit our new knowledge hub called WASH Markets featuring over 10 years of learnings and insights from building markets for WASH in developing countries around the world.