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Multiple-Use Water Systems
Technology Commercialization and Markets
  • Scaling up of Agricultural Machinery in BangladeshReport by Richard Kohl for USAID Bureau for Food Security. This case study is one of a series looking at successful scaling up of agricultural innovations in developing countries. 84pp, 2016 (2.5mb pdf)
Agriculture & Gender Equity
Farm Business Advisors
Agriculture & Nutrition
  • ANEP Overview: The Agriculture and Nutrition Extension ProjectOverview brochure by iDE. Information on how the project sustainably raised agricultural productivity and promoted effective market linkages to improve the nutrition of poor rural and urban households in the south of Bangladesh and the Nepal plains, especially for women and children. 4pp, 2014 (0.7mb pdf)
  • ANEP Result 1: Increased Productivity for SmallholdersOverview brochure by iDE. Information on how the project improved farmer access to profitable, environmentally sustainable, and socially adapted agricultural technologies in the vegetable, fisheries, and field crops (maize, wheat, rice, and legumes) sectors. 4pp, 2014 (0.6mb pdf)
  • ANEP Result 2: Improved Food Security and NutritionOverview brochure by iDE. Information on how the project increased the supply of nutritious foods through commercial rural-urban linkages between producers and consumers, and supported families to make healthy food choices through nutrition education and counselling sessions. 4pp, 2014 (0.8mb pdf)
  • ANEP Result 3: Develop Grassroots InstitutionsOverview brochure by iDE. Information on how the project empowered grassroots institutions to secure gains in food security and nutrition for poor and vulnerable families. 4pp, 2014 (0.7mb pdf)
  • The Impact of PROOFS: Profitable Opportunities for Food SecurityBrochure by iDE Bangladesh. Overview of a cross-sectoral project called PROOFS: Profitable Opportunities for Food Security, that uses a market-based approach combining nutrition, agriculture and WASH., 2017 (4.1mb pdf)
Resilience Building
  • Actions For ResilienceTactic Report by iDE. An overview of iDE’s “Actions For Resilience”, how we operationalized this approach in Ziway, Ethiopia, the results from our evaluation, and our lessons learned.11pp, 2019 (5.7mb pdf)
  • iDE Ftf Eth Ripa Powering Livelihoods Case StudyCase study on using HCD to help pastoral youth and women diversify their livelihoods. 7pp, 2022 (3.0mb pdf)
  • iDE Hcd Brief Eth RipaHuman-centered design brief and summary of key findings working with people transitioning out of pastoralism. 6 pp, 2022 (4.5mb pdf)
  • Introducing and operationalizing the Market System Resilience Index (MSRI)Conference paper by iDE for the 2018 Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Conference. Introduces the Market System Resilience Index to enable tracking of resilience in the wider market system. 11 pp., 2018 (0.7mb pdf)


Hand Hygiene
Clean Water Filters

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