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Partnering for a sustainable future.

We invite corporations to join us in solving poverty through innovative business solutions.

We believe one entrepreneur can change their community, and millions can change the world. iDE realizes the potential of entrepreneurs living in the most difficult places to drive positive change for their families, communities, and countries. iDE wants to partner with companies who are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a framework for corporations and NGOs to collectively address tough global problems.

Companies already making business a force for good with iDE:

The health of your business is tied to the well-being of the planet

Your customers and your employees care about the effect your business has on the world: in the products you sell, the services you deliver, the supply chains you use, and the causes you support. Partnering with iDE is a great way to show that you not only value tackling tough challenges like ending global poverty, but that you are taking specific actions that benefit society and the environment in measurable ways.


"Thankyou partners with organisations tackling extreme poverty in a systemic, scalable, and impactful manner. We began a partnership with iDE in 2020 as we believe in iDE's market-based approach, their dedication to rigorous measurement and collection of data for continuous improvement, and how they serve vulnerable communities by viewing them as active entrepreneurs rather than passive recipients. We truly believe and share in iDE's vision of powering entrepreneurs to end poverty, not just today, but for generations to come." —Pete Yao, Chief Impact Officer, thankyou. 

Check out the Annual Letter from Thankyou Trustees to learn more about how and why they want to have an impact.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship is an impactful way to power entrepreneurs around the world. Our corporate sponsorship program connects your business with our field work, either by funding it directly or amplifying the story of how entrepreneurs are changing their communities. Opportunities include:

  • Corporate Gifts or Grants

  • Gifts In-Kind

  • Matching Contributions

  • Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign

  • Events (Conferences and Trade Shows)

Queen City Collective Coffee

"Queen City has always focused on building relationships across the coffee supply chain because we believe direct and genuine connections foster greater equity for farmers and producers. Knowing the individuals that pick, grow, and process your coffee inspires creative and urgent solutions to coffee's unbalanced and unjust commodity market. We see these same values reflected in iDE's approach to poverty alleviation and that is why we are proud supporters of their work." — Scott Byington, founder of Queen City Collective Coffee

Queen City sponsored iDE on Colorado Gives Day 2021 and supports smallholder coffee farmers through blockchain technology.

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Who Gives A Crap

"In order for every person to have access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene, we need partners that are curious, audacious, and resilient. The curiosity to ask how things can be done differently, the audacity to do it and the resiliency to learn, adapt and do it again. iDE is the epitome of this and has demonstrated this throughout our partnership. It is because of organizations like iDE that we believe we will reach our collective goal in our lifetime!"
— Robin Cho, Head of Impact at Who Gives A Crap

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Cause Marketing

Creating a link between your products and a bold ambition to change the world showcases your commitment to impact, and helps your customers feel good about their purchase. Partner with iDE to show how your business is committed to being a force for positive change. Cause marketing can include:

  • Marketing Campaign

  • On-Product Messaging

  • Round-Up at Checkout

  • Per Product Donation

  • Percentage of Sale Contribution

The Toro Company

“We are excited to partner with iDE to ensure every smallholder farmer has an opportunity to make a living and provide for their families and their communities.”

—Rick Olson, CEO, The Toro Company

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Employee Engagement

Building your business around positive impact is now an industry standard for those companies looking to recruit and retain top talent. A partnership with iDE means your employees have a chance to directly contribute to transformational change and develop professionally. Give your employees the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and the lives of people around the world. Opportunities for employees include:

  • Employee Giving

  • Workplace Fundraising Events

  • Experiential Workshops

Are you an employee interested in learning if your company will match your donation? Go here to learn more

1% for the Planet

iDE is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an inspiring community of businesses and individuals supporting nonprofits committed to ensuring our planet and future generations thrive. EcoVessel, who sponsored iDE's membership, commits 1% of its gross sales to directly support participating nonprofit members. If your company is interested in joining this network, learn more here:

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