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Press Release: Announcing a New Partnership with Thankyou - 30 Sept 2020

We are proud to announce a partnership with the Australian social enterprise Thankyou.

September 30, 2020

Contact: KC Koch, iDE Vice President of Global Communications and Marketing

Thankyou was created to close the gap between the 736 million people living in extreme poverty around the world and the $63 trillion spent on consumer goods and services each year. After all the costs in running a business to get great consumer products to people are taken care of, every last cent that Thankyou makes goes toward ending extreme poverty. With this model, Thankyou seeks to flip consumerism…for good.

Thankyou’s new campaign to end extreme poverty, called “No Small Plan”, is about inviting Unilever, P&G, and other consumer packaging brands, to make and distribute Thankyou products across the entire world, via a license agreement model. In the first week of November, they will post the brands that opt in to “No Small Plan” on one of the world’s largest digital billboards in Times Square NYC. 

In the meantime, Thankyou is asking not only their social media followers, but literally everyone they can reach, to show their support and build momentum by posting “I’m in, are you?” and tagging Unilever & P&G with #thankyoutotheworld.

Beyond sharing a passion for ending poverty, iDE and Thankyou both believe that the most effective, sustainable way to improve livelihoods is through a market-based approach that gives people a voice in the solutions they adopt. iDE encourages entrepreneurship by first developing a deep understanding of local markets, allowing us to design products and services that producers can make and sell, and that customers can afford and truly desire. By strengthening market systems, iDE allows people to earn greater income, improve their livelihoods, and create generational prosperity.

The partnership between iDE and Thankyou will help us continue progress toward our ambitious goal of doubling the number of people who leave poverty behind through participation in our programs. We remain committed to that goal, especially during times of turbulence and uncertainty such as a global health crisis, where our collective resilience has never been more essential. 

Learn more about Thankyou and their ambitious new campaign “No Small Plan.”

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iDE is a global development organization that advances market-based approaches in agriculture; access to finance; and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) to create income and livelihood opportunities for economically and socially disadvantaged households. iDE has made a difference for more than 35 million people by developing inclusive market ecosystems that allow more people to participate in the economy, exercise choice through economic freedom, and achieve their aspirations. With offices in 14 countries around the world and employing over 1,000 people, 96% of whom are local, iDE creates real change that gives people the power to prosper on their own terms. By constantly evaluating their impact and tracking data for every program implemented globally, iDE guarantees an average social return on investment of a minimum of $10 in annual income or livelihood savings for every dollar they receive.