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Press Release: First recipient of iDE Mozambique Innovation Fund Grant announced

iDE is excited that Nuarro Lodge is the first recipient of a grant from the Resilient Coastal Communities project

November 30, 2023


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Maputo, Mozambique – (December 1, 2023) iDE is today announcing that eco-friendly organization, Nuarro Lodge, which works with local farmers in northern Mozambique on regenerative agriculture, is the first recipient of a grant from the RCC Innovation Fund. 

The US$25 million Feed the Future Resilient Coastal Communities (RCC) project, spanning 60 months, is a collaborative effort led by iDE and partners H2N, Rare and Terra Firma. Operating in the northern coastal region of Zambezia, Nampula, and Cabo Delgado, the project focuses on empowering young people to engage in sustainable natural resource management and creation of new opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

RCC employs innovative approaches to enhance food and fisheries systems, creating resilient and diversified income opportunities for women and youth in sensitive coastal areas. The ultimate goal is to positively impact critical ecosystems, with a special emphasis on marine ecosystems crucial for food security of local coastal populations. RCC strives to build climate resilience, foster sustainable economic development, and improve the overall well-being of the communities it serves.

Nuarro Lodge is located on the Baixo do Phinda peninsula in the Memba district of Nampula province, in northern Mozambique. Under this US$135,000 grant, which will run for one year, Nuarro will work with farmers in surrounding communities, by building a Regenerative Agriculture Resilience Hub, the first of its kind in the area, emphasizing the participation of women and youth, to introduce regenerative agricultural techniques.

The communities around Nuarro suffer from severe water scarcity and food insecurity for much of the year. Coupled with poor, sandy soils in the area, this has contributed to a culture of slash and burn agriculture and deforestation of sensitive hardwood reserves along the coastline in Memba district. By demonstrating techniques to increase soil carbon, improve water retention, revitalize the local watershed, and support sustainable agroforestry, Nuarro's team is catalyzing a transformation in local farming that will improve local nutrition and food security while reducing pressure on the heavily overfished waters offshore.

Nuarro Lodge's commitment to sustainability and responsible practices has always been at the core of its values, making it a fitting recipient of the Innovation Fund grant. The community stands to gain valuable knowledge and resources, improving overall well-being, while guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience immersing in authentic farming practices and participating in hands-on activities with local farmers. The environment will thrive, and visitors will contribute to the community's economic growth while promoting biodiversity and a sustainable lifestyle.

The RCC Innovation Fund is a grants facility that enables the project to achieve a greater scale of impact through innovative action by private sector and nonprofit partners throughout the project's target areas. In addition to larger awards such as the one to Nuarro, the Innovation Fund includes micro-grants that enable emergent entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in valuable new services for their communities. For example, micro-grants blended with micro-finance loans will enable local retailers to supply critical agricultural goods like seeds and irrigation in underserved areas. 

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