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gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2024

iDE’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning team shares insights and learnings with a diverse global community

Hosted by Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI)gLOCAL Evaluation Week is a unique knowledge-sharing event, connecting a global community of people across sectors and regions. Over the course of a week, members of iDE’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) team shared insights and learnings during seven different events with participants joining from all over the world. Originally launched in 2019, this year’s gLOCAL topics centered around the theme of “Evaluation and Transformational Change: Balancing Ambition and Realism.”

Presenters included iDE staff from around the world, representing our programs in Cambodia, Honduras, Mozambique, and Nepal sharing insights on participatory evaluation methods and how research methods can be leveraged to improve practices across sectors in the field. 

  • Leveraging Participatory Evaluation Methods to Strengthen Relationships. In Honduras, iDE’s Most Significant Change (MSC) method was used to guide development in programmatic strategy and through the process it was found to transform the team as well. In this event, Jennifer Roglà, PhD, Global Director of MERL, Sobeida Lara, Country Director iDE Honduras, and Olvin Vasquez, Nutrition Project Coordinator, present how to leverage participatory evaluation to improve gender relations within teams and strengthen relationships with external partners. (Presentation in Spanish)

  • Powerful Stories of Lived Experiences. Sharing case studies from iDE Ghana, Abdullai Abdul-Shatar, Global MERL Coordinator discusses four participatory methods applied in MERL: After-Action Reviews (AAR), Most Significant Change, Outcome Harvesting, and Locally-Led Storytelling. Shatar shares how using these participatory techniques can help to gather learnings, identify sustainable practices and generate new opportunities.

  • Refining the Market System Resilience Index (MSRI) Tool. The Market Systems Resilience Index (MSRI) is a tool developed by iDE to assess market resilience helping us better understand and adapt our market creation approach to local contexts. iDE’s Director of Inclusive MERL, Henok Begshaw, presented on the extensive process of reviewing existing literature and conceptual framework to refine and enhance the robustness and validity of the MSRI tool. (No recording)

  • Designing Management Information Systems. Using a case study from iDE Zambia, Abdullai Abdul-Shatar, Global MERL Coordinator presented how the critical role of Management Information Systems (MIS) in contemporary data monitoring and evaluation practices, especially for externally-funded NGOs, outlining a systematic approach to MIS design. (No recording)

“Our aim is to disseminate the methodology, strategies, and insights derived from robust collaboration among government entities, MERL, and GESI teams, emphasizing key elements that fostered and sustained our partnerships.”

-Soma Rana and Rakesh Kothari, PhD, iDE Nepal

Watch the presentation recordings to learn more about iDE’s MERL strategies and practices in programs around the world.

Inclusive Strategy Report

Given the lack of globally-available gender disaggregated data, iDE conducted a participatory data collection activity in 2023 that asks the question: “How do the people and households with whom we work define prosperity and what are their goals for the future?” iDE's purpose in conducting the research initiative was to underpin its forward-looking organizational strategy with an understanding of their client's perspectives.

Illustration and design by Rubab Islam.

Measuring Impact

Our approach to rigorous, inclusive, and ethical measurement

We measure our progress, monitor our impact and evaluate when we need to change our approach. Using a core set of performance indicators and information management tools, we track the number of households we reach, look for increases in household income and savings, and calculate the ratio of what we spend on programs compared to the incomes generated by our customers.

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Impact Entrepreneur Luminarias Webinar

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Global South

In developing nations, the stark reality for women reveals entrenched barriers to entrepreneurship that, if surmounted, could unlock a staggering $5-6 trillion global opportunity. To discuss the critical barriers impeding women entrepreneurs, iDE’s CEO Lizz Welch and Global Director of MERL Jennifer Roglà, PhD, joined Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker as featured guests on the Luminarias webinar, “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Global South.”

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