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Press Release: COP28: iDE urges action at global climate meeting — 29 November 2023

Our staff discusses climate-smart approaches to poverty alleviation, including regenerative and climate-smart agriculture, and gender equity in the fisheries sector.

November 29, 2023

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Denver, CO – (November 29, 2023) iDE (International Development Enterprises) will join world leaders at the December COP28 meeting in the United Arab Emirates, where we will showcase our efforts to power low-income communities across the globe to adapt to changing climates and become resilient to severe weather events. 

John Choptiany, iDE programs vice president, said it was critical that the international community accelerate emission reduction, implement the Paris Agreement, and limit the effects of climate change, which are already having devastating consequences across the developing world.

“From Ethiopia to Mozambique, to Nepal, to Vietnam, iDE is seeing first hand the dramatic impact of climate change, where local communities are experiencing multi-year droughts, widespread pest infestations, and repeated severe storm events,” said Choptiany. 

“The low-income people who live in these countries are least responsible for changing climates, yet are the most vulnerable to their consequences. It is high time global economies should take drastic actions to reduce carbon emissions and ensure a brighter future for future generations.”

As part of our work to end poverty, iDE is implementing a broad range of market-based programs in Africa, Asia, and Central America, linking communities with products, services, and know-how, powering entrepreneurs and private sector serving low-income people to grow their businesses while also adapting to the changing climates.

At COP28, iDE staff will share their experiences of witnessing the impact of climate change as they take part in the following events:

Sunday, December 3: 

iDE's climate resilience and agriculture manager Kazi Jawoad Hossain will join a roundtable on 'Fostering adaptation transformations at the nexus of food, water and health to deliver on the Sharm Adaptation Agenda' organized by UNFCCC.

Wednesday, December 6: 

Business Fights Poverty will host a Climate Justice Summit, where iDE Nepal country director Prajuna KC and climate resilience and agriculture manager Kazi Jawoad Hossain will speak on how we integrate human-centric approaches in our collective climate change response and actions.

Saturday, December 9: 

Kazi Jawoad Hossain will moderate a COP28 Resilience Hub session, Women and the Changing Tide: Addressing Inequities in Small-scale Fisheries and Aquaculture, which USAID’s Resilient Coastal Communities (RCC) chief of party Corey O’Hara from iDE Mozambique will join as a speaker.  

Sunday, December 10: 

iDE Nepal Country Director Prajuna KC will moderate a session in Nepal Pavilion on Transforming Food Systems in Nepal: A Climate Smart Approach, where iDE Senior Advisor Madan Pariyar will give a keynote presentation. (See the flyer here.)

Sunday, December 10:

The Resilience Hub will host a session, Regenerative and Nature-positive Agriculture, joined by iDE Nepal country director Prajuna KC, who will discuss how iDE regenerative food systems building is ensuring food security in remote communities of Nepal, resilience, and climate change.

Sunday, December 10: 

Global Resilience Partnership will host a session on ‘resilience measurement’ at COP28 Resilience Hub where vice president, programs John Choptiany will present iDE’s leadership in adaptive program management using resilience measurement data. 

Sunday, December 10: 

iDE Senior Advisor Madan Pariyar will serve as a panelist on 'Building Climate Resilience through Water, Energy, Food, and Ecosystems Nexus in South Asia' organized by the government of Nepal, IWMI, and AEPC in the Nepal Pavilion - Blue Zone.

Since last year, iDE has achieved carbon neutrality in its operation by purchasing high-quality carbon credits and working to reduce emissions across the operations. “We believe everyone – governments, companies, nonprofits, and individuals – has a role to play in reducing emissions. At iDE, we want to lead the nonprofit sector by example when it comes to becoming carbon neutral and eventually reaching net zero.”

About iDE:

iDE (International Development Enterprises) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending poverty. Our work within agriculture, sanitation, climate change resilience, and gender equality, stands out because we don’t simply provide handouts. Instead, iDE believes in powering small-scale entrepreneurs and building robust market ecosystems that lay the groundwork for low income and marginalized people to prosper on their own terms. iDE has almost 1,400 global staff – including those in Cambodia – and offices in 10 countries across Africa, Asia and Central America.


Climate & Resilience

As the climate changes we must adapt

Powering farmers to become resilient to climate change is one of the main strategies at the heart of iDE’s work. Two key tactics are promoting climate-smart products, and training on best practices for managing natural resources. iDE designed the Market System Resilience Index (MSRI) to track the resilience of the wider market system, because the market system itself needs to be able to withstand, react, and transform in the face of climate change.

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