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Press Release: iDE honors International Women's Day with an infographic portraying qualitative research — 8 March 2024

Infographic makes a compelling case to #InvestInWomen, the UNWomen's theme for the international holiday promoting gender equity around the world.

March 4, 2024

Illustration and design by Rubab Islam.

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Denver, CO – (March 5, 2024) The infographic to be released on International Women's Day visualizes the results of the primary research conducted by iDE’s MERL (Measurement, Evaluation, Research, and Learning) team in 2023. iDE's purpose in conducting the research initiative was to underpin its forward-looking organizational strategy with an understanding of their client's perspectives. 

“This approach aligns with a core iDE principle of ‘Start with people’,” said Eliza Fink, iDE's Research and Ethics Specialist.

“The commitment to actively listen to program participants is also a part of our current ways of working, including our Gender, Equity, and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy, whose principle of 'Nothing for Us Without Us' demands that success be defined by the clients and communities we seek to help.”

iDE believes in investing in women because they are force multipliers when it comes to their mission of ending poverty. 

“We adapted our methodology from the Most Significant Change (MSC) technique, which we chose because it emphasizes learning about the values and motivations of various groups.”

Informing metrics for gauging progress in their mission to alleviate poverty was a key focus of the research. More details about the research can be found at the QR code. It currently describes the methodology only, and it will link to the final results once they are published in late spring 2024.

iDE tapped designer-illustrator Rubab Islam to create this artistic portrayal of women’s views of prosperity gleaned from the research. In the center is the question that summarizes what iDE set out to learn: “What does prosperity mean to you?” In the first ring, are words that characterize women’s visions of what prosperity looks like. These include phrases such as, “to have a clean, safe toilet”; “to be respected as a business woman”; and “to be a leader to other women.” In the second ring are illustrated scenes from the three domains of change that were inducted from the research analysis: household (top), business (right), and community (left).

In the panel on the right, iDE presents a case for #InvestingInWomen, which is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day. As an international nonprofit committed to ending poverty, iDE integrates gender equity and social inclusion into projects across the globe, ensuring the organization’s work is inclusive and impactful for all.

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