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A recognized expert in how to build resilience in the face of disaster, Dr. Madan Pariyar has made notable contributions to research in adaptation, poverty alleviation, economic growth, inclusion, good governance, IT sector development, rural and agricultural development, industrial development, and resource management. Dr. Pariyar has worked in both government and non-governmental organizations, private industry, and academia, giving him a wide perspective on these issues from multiple vantage points. He has participated, as both leader and contributor, in workshops and training curriculum in over thirty different countries.

As a member of Nepal’s marginalized Dalit community, Dr. Pariyar has been a fierce advocate for their inclusion in all levels of society. He served as a member representing Dalits in the screening committee of Nepal’s Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF). In 2011, the Nepal government appointed him as the Chairman of the State Restructuring Commission (SRC), which is the constitutional body of experts formed to advise the Constitutional Assembly with the best possible model of federalism and federal structure to be adopted for the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. In that role, it was his duty to consult all segments of people, political parties and other stakeholders including Dalit people, Dalit leaders, Dalit organizations, and Dalit intellectual circles in order to gather their aspirations, summarize, and translate them for the larger good of the people in the country and Dalit communities as a whole.

From 2010-2019, Dr. Pariyar led the program development as well as monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities for iDE’s Nepal programs, responsible for the development, documentation, and implementation of iDE’s progress in rural, agricultural, and pro-poor income generation programs. In his current role as Senior Advisor with iDE, he continues to promote market-based development with private companies and at the highest levels of the Nepalese government. Dr. Pariyar serves as a Nepal delegate to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and is highly sought after as a speaker on international development and resilience building. He obtained his Doctorate and Masters in Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand and his Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Engineering from the Allahabad Agricultural Institute in Allahabad, India.

List of Recent Appearances by Dr. Madan Pariyar:

  • Sept 2021 — Asia Pacific Regional Dialogue on Scaling Up Locally Led Adaptation (Virtual)
  • Jul 2021— Second National Food Systems Dialogue
  • Jul 2021— Exploring Characteristics of Transformation in Local Level Adaptation (Webinar)
  • Jul 2021— Non-Economic Losses and Damage from Climate Change and its Implication on Nature and People (Webinar)
  • Jun 2021— CBA15 on Community-Based Adaptation (Virtual) 
  • May 2021— I4C Innovate for Climate, World Bank (Virtual)
  • Dec 2019 — COP 25 organized by UNFCCC (Madrid, Spain)
  • Sept 2019 — United Nations Secretary General Climate Action Summit Coalition Meetings, Global Resilience Partnership Conference, and New York Climate Week 2019 (New York, USA)
  • Sept 2019 — Asia Pacific Climate Week 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand) 
  • Jun 2019 — BRACED Partnership Meeting (UK)
  • May 2019 — Global Platform for DRR (Switzerland)
  • Apr 2019 — Community Based Adaptation International Conference 13 (Ethiopia)
  • Feb 2019 — BRACED Annual Learning Event (Kenya)
  • Jan 2019 — Gobeshona 5th International Conference on Climate Knowledge (Bangladesh)
  • Dec 2018 — United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP 24 (Katowice, Poland)
  • Oct 2018 — BRACED Partnership Meeting (UK)
  • Oct 2018 — 6th Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum (Philippines)
  • Jul 2018 — Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (Mongolia)
  • Jun 2018 — Community Based Adaptation International Conference 12 (Malawi) 
  • Jun 2018 — Adaptation Future Conference (South Africa)