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Prajuna is deeply committed to using her skills and experience to create a more equitable world, where people from all walks of life can thrive and seize equal opportunities. This commitment has driven her pursuits as a human rights advocate, private sector leader, and entrepreneur. With a Master's in Public Administration from Syracuse University, Prajuna embarked on her professional journey with Open Society Foundations in Nepal, gaining valuable experience in both non-profit and private organizations working with organizations such as UN Women, WWF-Nepal, and Frost & Sullivan. Her diverse background includes a profound understanding of business and sustainable solutions in the private sector, as well as a deep grasp of the challenges faced by the people of Nepal and the development sector. As an entrepreneur, she believes in harnessing innovative market solutions to address social injustices and bridge inequalities. With a remarkable 15-year career, Prajuna possesses a wealth of experience that she can now leverage in her role at iDE to drive change and make a meaningful impact. Beyond work, Prajuna finds joy in mentoring and guiding individuals, helping them thrive and achieve their goals. A passionate foodie, she loves cooking and exploring culinary delights. Dancing and traveling are among her favorite pastimes.

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