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John leads iDE's global programming across our Climate, Resilience, and Agriculture technical sectors. In addition, he is responsible for representing iDE within the UK and Europe, and is especially interested in forming strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations to empower entrepreneurs to grow their business and improve their livelihoods in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. With his expertise in climate resilience, renewable energy, and environmental management, John provides iDE project teams with technical assistance on these subjects and acts as a champion for iDE’s efforts in how our projects can address the nexus of climate change and agriculture through resilient market ecosystems development.

John has a strong interdisciplinary academic background and practical experience in the intersections of developmental theory and field implementation. He has helped develop tools to measure the results of projects focused on climate resilience and is the co-creator of a smartphone-based application that brings digital, tailored advice to farmers dealing with challenges brought about by climate change. John received his PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering and his Master’s in Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University. He has been the lead author for six scientific publications and a co-author on five others.


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More about John

LinkedIn: john-choptiany


Vice President, Programs


Dalhousie University
PhD, Environmental Science and Engineering
M.S., Resource and Environmental Management

Joined iDE


Areas of Expertise

  • Resilience Measurement
  • Interdisciplinary Thinking
  • Climate Change Adaption