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Pigging out

ENTREPRENEUR PROFILE: Ho Thi Hiu earns a profit raising pigs

A mother of five, Ho Thi Hiu used to supplement her household’s meager income by growing rice. She would also make a small profit by buying piglets in a nearby town, raising them, and selling them fully-grown. But raising pigs is no easy task—after working a day in the field, she would have to boil vegetables from her garden to feed them, and it would often take up to a year for them to reach their full size.

Ho Thi Hiu

Ho learned from iDE about a specially designed feed that she could give her pigs. This dry feed—made from rice bran, fish, cassava, maize, and peanut powder—is packed with protein and all the nutrients required to raise healthy livestock. With iDE’s help, she obtained a small loan to purchase the feed. Instead of a year, her piglets now grow to full size in only 3 months. She used to raise 2 pigs at a time; now she can rear up to 40. And doing so takes her less time, so she has more time to spend with her children.

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Ho was so successful in increasing her income, she no longer is eligible for loans like the one that got her started. With her new income, she has been able to invest in her children’s education, buy a motorbike for delivering rice, and even buy a de-husker so she can start a rice-wine business. In fact, she has been so successful that she has even begun getting her neighbors to use the protein-rich pig feed. Through iDE’s intervention, Ho is now an empowered businesswoman with high hopes for the future.

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Juddy has been working with John Muta, a Farm Business Advisor (FBA), for the past few years, and through talking with her we came to understand how the FBA program is affecting women’s empowerment in the household. Using the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI), which measures empowerment across domains ranging from decision-making power to control over income, we asked Juddy about her roles.

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