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I De Staff G Lizz Welch
by Elizabeth Welch
Senior Leadership

We stand with #BlackLivesMatter

A message from the CEO of iDE

The systemic discrimination of black Americans is shameful and corrupt—and must be stopped.

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are only the most recent victims. There are many others whose murders were not captured by video. The injustice, oppression, and violence against black Americans in the United States has endured far too long, and in the last few days, they have come into sharp focus. 

The full weight of our global organization stands behind these words: Black lives matter. We support the protesters and their goal of ending racism in all its forms. We vehemently oppose the actions of police officers who inflict excessive and unnecessary violence and we denounce anyone denying the First Amendment rights of American citizens. 

At iDE, we strive for economic, social, and environmental equity for all people, specifically focused on those living in the least developed countries. However, recent protests and the messages of activists have led us to consider our role as citizens of the United States and what we could be doing here in the fight for social justice. We want to respond and find ways to contribute locally. 

But first, we must bear witness to this moment. We must listen, we must see, and we must stand with the black community.

We are committed to learning how we can support and amplify black voices in the fight against racial injustice. We also know there is work we still need to do inside our own organization. We are starting that process with our eyes and ears wide open and a desire to learn more and do more.

If you would like to be in touch with us as we develop further commitments to support racial justice, I encourage you to reach out via email.

In solidarity,

Lizz Ellis


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