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With 16 years of experience working in agricultural development programs, Valdemiro is iDE’s project manager at the Farmer Resilience & Rebuilding Initiative in Gaza Province. The US$1.96 million agricultural project is funded by USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance. Valdemiro is responsible for leading the field and administrative teams, and working with stakeholders, to implement the project. Valdemiro began his career as an extension officer at the Massingir Dam Smallholder Agriculture Rehabilitation project. Later, he was chief of the Division for Investments and Information at the Gaza Province office of the Agriculture Promotion Center. From October 2012 to November 2021, Valdemiro worked for TechnoServe in Mozambique where he was project manager on a coconut program and later worked as the value chain lead at the Technical Support for the Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre. He has a bachelor's degree in agronomic sciences and natural resources from EARTH University, Costa Rica.