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Sothea is the general manager of Hydrologic, a for-profit social enterprise owned by iDE that manufactures and sells ceramic water filters in rural Cambodia. Sothea joined Hydrologic in 2015 as finance manager before becoming finance and operations director and then general manager. Sothea says she is driven by her aim to be productive, efficient, and effective while maintaining a framework of values. Before joining Hydrologic, Sothea worked as an administration and finance officer for a regional development program funded by the Australian government. She earned her degree in accounting after winning a scholarship from the Cambodian government. Hydrologic has sold roughly half a million filters to Cambodian families, promoting the use of clean water, and reducing the incidence of water-born disease. The filters are produced in Hydrologic’s factory in Cambodia’s Kampong Chhnang province, famous for its ceramics. Born and raised in Phnom Penh, Sothea says she gets her “positive mindset” from her father who survived the horrors of the Pol Pot regime.

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