iDE Global

Dr. Paul Polak is the founder of iDE, and has been recognized by Scientific American as one of the world's leading 50 contributors to science. After handing over iDE to new leadership, Polak started two new organizations. D-Rev: Design for the other 90% is a non-profit development organization with the mission of creating a revolution in design to reach 4 billion poor people bypassed by current design. In addition to bringing radically affordable new technology to the market-ready point, D-Rev supports the Cooper-Hewitt exhibit Design for the Other 90%, as well as the creation of courses on design for the other 90% in Universities around the world. Windhorse International is a for-profit company which combines radically affordable technology with radically decentralized supply chains to earn profits serving bottom billion customers. Polak's book, Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail, has rapidly become the bible for anyone looking for practical solutions to global poverty.

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