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“You can’t smell a latrine from your desk.” 

Nadia Campos-Soriano is a social researcher who believes in the power of design thinking to transform lives. “By listening and observing carefully to people you can get the biggest a-ha moments to inspire the most sustainable, desirable, viable and feasible solution for the audience you are working with.” As a problem-solver, Nadia makes sure that Human Centered design (HCD) is not only leveraged by iDE’s global design team to design innovative products, but also to develop better service design and innovative business models for iDE across all our global programming.

Previously, Nadia was the director of iDE’s Cambodia Innovation Lab,  where she oversaw design thinking strategy efforts for iDE projects in Cambodia and around the world.  Prior to joining iDE, Nadia oversaw design and innovation research at Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV), an innovation technology center in Valencia, Spain, dedicated to the design and development of products and services targeting Europe’s elderly and disabled. At IBV, Nadia adopted human-centered methodologies such as design thinking, emotional engineering, user experience design, and human factors research. She holds a  BSc in Sociology from the University of Alicante and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Market Research from the University of Valencia.

Her passions are: learning about humanity while observing her kids growing, discovering  and exploring new trends, new ways of engaging with different cultures….and last but not least, sitting for hours with friends around a table enjoying delicious exotic food with a Spanish bottle of wine!

More about Nadia

LinkedIn: nadia-campos-soriano


Senior Director, Innovation Lab


University of Valencia
Master’s Degree in Marketing and Market Research

University of Alicante 
Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

Joined iDE


Areas of Expertise

  • Design thinking and design strategy
  • Market research
  • Innovation methodology