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Vandy Moung is a design and operations associate with a keen interest in exploring the world, splitting his personal talent into learning diversified skills and optimistically making the world a better place. Aside from his introverted personality, he loves to communicate to the world through photographs, graphic design, and videos. Simultaneously, he manages to put some weight on his left brain taking care of operational tasks at work.

Born in a developing country, he had so many bad experiences with the Cambodian context that he  wanted to be a part of making changes to his society. He has worked in human rights, child protection, health, WASH, nutrition, and agriculture using Human-Centered Design research methodology. He is a part of HCD innovation lab at iDE Cambodia. Also, he also leads iDE Cambodia's Gender Working Group toward the goal of fulfilling gender equality and equity. He is also the lead on Creative Pills sessions and Cinema sessions in the Cambodia office, which is an approach to inject gender sensitivity and innovation throughout the Cambodia staff.

Despite his quiet personally, he is a good storyteller. He inspires people through his collection of stories from his work and personal life.

Fond of: writing, taking street photos, and watching scary movies.

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