iDE Global

Llionel Simbarashe Zisengwe first joined iDE in 2008 as an intern working in Ethiopia and Zambia. As part of a thesis project, he tested an innovative Drip Planner Chart designed to assist smallholder farmers in performing quick analysis of water quantity being applied to their fields with drip irrigation. Since 2010, Llionel has been a full time staff member assisting iDE in Zimbabwe and Moçambique. An irrigation engineer by background, Llionel is currently focused on developing innovations around crop storage, including the current effort on designing a low-cost crop cooler in partnership with Engineers without Borders. He is also working on adoption issues around various micro-irrigation systems in Moçambique, including solar pumps. Besides his responsibilities around these technologies, Llionel is also the project manager for Women Empowerment Opportunity International, a gender-based project that is introducing innovative technologies into iDE’s Moçambique FBA program such as tablets for M&E and gender empowerment messaging. The project also works on financial empowerment for rural women and general overall family inclusion in agriculture using the Farming as a Family Business (FaFB) model which identifies every family member down to the youngest member as having a role to play in the successful farming of a family.