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Jose Mena is responsible for Strategy Design and Innovation at iDesign, where his main responsibilities are to lead projects that design better strategies, products and services for working with the poor focused on social impact.

Jose has worked in innovation combining experience from private and social sectors. In the private sector Jose has worked with companies such as IKEA, ING Bank, Banco Santander, BBVA, Moviestar, Vodafone, Nestlé, Mapfre, and Desigual. He has worked in varied sectors such as Banking, telecom, retail, fashion, food, insurance and others. In the social sector, Jose has collaborated with iDE, USAID, CARE International, Fauna and Flora International, Plan and Food Research, PSK, and Ashoka. He has applied design thinking to agriculture, sanitation, education, nutrition, healthcare, maternal health, conservation, and nutrition. He has worked in Spain, Netherlands, India, and is recently based in Cambodia.

Jose understands innovation as a natural creative process; a tool to solve complex problems differently and quickly; being focused on people and their needs; an opportunity to change and redesign the world; all while having fun. 

In love with: changes, travel and watching people smiling in the subway.

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