iDE Global

John joined iDE in 2020 because of his passion to address root cause issues to help people flourish around the world and leads iDE’s finance and information systems teams. His career spans over many leadership roles that have driven transformation and development in a variety of sectors including non-profit, alternative energy, software and telecommunications. He has played an integral role in leading teams to deliver innovative solutions to support growing international organizations. John lived and worked in Brazil as Controller of a large publically held telecom operator. He also lived and worked in the UK and South Africa and served on board of directors for entities in Chile, Kenya, Malaysia, India and China. During his career, he has had some unique opportunities to dive into some very technical accounting challenges such as leading the bankruptcy accounting for WorldCom and helping a global power company in a massive restatement of their books in Venezuela and Cameroon.  Despite this foray into technical accounting, John’s real passion is supporting organizational growth through developing strong finance teams and implementing financial systems that can be leveraged to achieve excellence.