iDE Global

Jakub joined the iDE family as the CEO for our clean water social enterprise, Hydrologic, in April 2019. He likes to fix things that are not working at tip‐top quality—whether it’s a bike, his own thinking process, or business operations. He has a strong background in sales, having worked for Southwestern Advantage for 7 years, recruiting, coaching, and managing top sales teams in the U.S. and Europe. He worked as a staff consultant with Whitten & Roy Partnership for 4 years,
including almost 2 years as an on‐site Sales Advisor for Hydrologic. Besides working with Hydrologic, Jakub worked with clients around SE Asia and West Africa on projects including solar, sanitation and agriculture. 

Jakub is an avid rock climber and acted as General Manager for the Phnom Penh CLIMB Community Gym prior to starting with Hydrologic. He also keeps active with swimming, surfing, yoga, skiing, and biking. He speaks English, French, and his native Czech.