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"iDE is about people, up and down. We succeed when our customers can access the products and services they need, when our entrepreneur partners can make a decent living from their efforts, and when our team members across the globe are aligned in their goal to maximize impact."

As Global WASH Director, Greg drives technical strategy and innovation for iDE’s six-country WASH portfolio. Greg brings over 10 years’ experience in diverse positions in the public and development sectors. In his early career, Greg worked extensively in Latin America, where he led business development efforts and helped smallholder farmers diversify their sources of income. Since joining the Global WASH team three years ago, Greg has been thrilled to apply lessons learned in Latin America to iDE’s programs in Asia and Africa. He is especially excited to work with iDE’s in-country superstars to diagnose market failures and generate workable solutions to address them.

Greg holds a BA from Colorado College and an MA in International Economics from University of California, San Diego. He still marvels at the good fortune he enjoys to work with an innovative and impactful organization while enjoying all of the fun things his native Colorado has to offer.

More about Greg

LinkedIn: greg-lestikow


Director, Global WASH


University of California, San Diego
Master's in International Economics

Colorado College
Bachelor’s in Religion and International Affairs

Joined iDE


Areas of Expertise

  • Market assessment
  • Business modeling
  • Facilitation