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Market Ecosystem Creation

Comprehensive markets are competitive, resilient, and inclusive

Market ecosystems are the sum of all parts. Every market is a community, a value chain, and a network of individuals and businesses working together to buy and sell products and services that people need. For developing world entrepreneurs to overcome challenges they must participate in market ecosystems that are economically competitive, inclusive of all people, and resilient to shocks such as conflict or changing climates. But creating markets that work for everyone requires a deep, broad analysis of existing value chains. By listening to every stakeholder—producers, suppliers, retailers and customers—we identify why a market might be inefficient, disfunctional or broken, and then develop solutions that create robust ecosystems, connecting market participants on an even playing field.

Making markets work for everyone

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, "What does iDE do?" The answer: we create resilient market ecosystems. Our Infinite Model provides a roadmap for how individuals who seek to participate in the market can move through a process of growth, establishing profitable livelihoods.

iDE has made an impact in the lives of more than 35 million people in the past four decades, providing access to markets, boosting incomes and improving wellbeing. We guarantee that every dollar invested in iDE results in at least an additional $10 in annual income or livelihood improvements for the people we work with.

Community water systems

Traveling to India to make ends meet is no longer a burden for Kalasha Rawal's husband. The couple has learned how to turn a tidy profit on the small plot that surrounds their home in Nepal. They worked with other villagers to construct a new Multiple-Use Water System which feeds local farms and provides water to their greenhouse tunnels with drip irrigation. The system also helps the community cope with erratic rainfall and drought. With water available year-round and new agricultural inputs from an iDE-trained Community Business Facilitator, Rawal and her husband have switched to growing high value vegetables, increasing their annual income.

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Our Model for Impact


Infinite is a comprehensive technical framework that packages all of iDE's diverse, sophisticated program activities into simple, standardized formats that allow us all to rapidly develop, assess, and implement project strategies.

​​Nepali Women Fetched Water Before Daybreak

But an iDE program now pipes it to their villages

Kamala Magar’s day began before dawn. The Nepali farmer would get up and walk miles in the cold to fetch water for her family. It would take her most of the morning to retrieve just one jar, which she’d use to make breakfast before setting out for more.

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Sylhet’s Resilient Market Ecosystem

Bangladeshi Region Characterized by Sufi Shrines and a Changing Climate

This Sylhet market ecosystem map shows the location of more than 2,360 iDE-powered touchpoints – local business advisors, livestock service providers, agricultural collection points, sales agents, entrepreneurs and latrine producers – all engaging with market actors, communities, and individuals – spread across Sylhet. 

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