iDE Global
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iDE's focus on markets is both effective and efficient

Our commitment to you

We strive to ensure every dollar invested by donors is translated into at least $10 in added income or savings for our clients. Under this commitment, we report how cost effective we are over a three-year rolling average. This average captures the bigger picture. In the first year of any new program, costs can be substantially higher because of the need to invest in design, marketing, and training. In the future, we’d like to capture the longer term impact of our work, both on local communities and across our entire global organization: the result of establishing sustainable markets that remain active and vibrant long after we leave.

Measuring Impact

Our approach to rigorous, inclusive, and ethical measurement

We measure our progress, monitor our impact and evaluate when we need to change our approach. Using a core set of performance indicators and information management tools, we track the number of households we reach, look for increases in household income and savings, and calculate the ratio of what we spend on programs compared to the incomes generated by our customers.

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