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Activate entrepreneurs. Activate networks. Activate knowledge. Activate profit. Activate health. Activate hope.

Introducing The Activators Circle—a group of sustaining donors who don’t just sit on the sidelines or give in to cynicism. Activators inspire change by acting on what they believe in. And thank goodness, because millions of people living in harsh climates and broken economies face incredible challenges. If you, too, are an activator, join us. We can do a lot together.

Benefits of joining—

Set it up once and you’re always connected to what’s going on.

By becoming a monthly donor, you join a community of people who believe in the power of entrepreneurship and are willing to put their money to work. After joining, you will receive a quarterly “insights” email about the impact your gift is making in the lives of entrepreneurs around the world. You will also receive access to exclusive events, allowing you to go deeper into our strategies and share your thoughts with us and others in the community. All Activators Circle members will receive a special welcome upon joining.

Choose an impact level below, or type in any amount that works for you and your family.

  1. Annual impact you can make:

    1 farmer in Central America can increase their annual income by $300 or more.

  2. Annual impact you can make:

    3 farmers in Africa can increase their annual income by $300 or more.

  3. Annual impact you can make:

    108 people can buy a clean water filter in Asia.

  4. Annual impact you can make:

    144 people in Asia can buy a toilet.

iDE activates entrepreneurs across the world to make health and wealth a possibility, from providing safe drinking water to supplying the needs of remote farmers, from running toilet businesses to building the agricultural marketplace. 

Be one of the rare forces in the world that makes life easier for people living in communities that have been locked out of economic growth. Thank you for joining our circle. 

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iDE’s excellence in combating poverty through building markets is recognized by the global community

In recent years, iDE’s work has been recognized by the global community for its excellence and commitment to innovation in building markets for poor, rural households.

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