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Press Release: Experience the struggles and joys of real farmers succeeding in business in rural Cambodia - 6 Aug 2018

A collection of short videos with cinematic flair brings viewers into the world of smallholder farmers making the transition to small farm businesses.

August 6, 2018


CONTACT: KC Koch, iDE Director of Global Communications,

Denver, CO — Since 1994, iDE Cambodia has identified market shortcomings and constraints in rural Cambodia, then facilitated commercial solutions that improve how suppliers, producers, collectors, and buyers work together to strengthen the agriculture value chain. The focus is on supporting small private enterprises by providing access to knowledge, rather than using give-aways. 

These successful interventions are highlighted in a series of two-minute video vignettes produced by iDE and filmed by Rafael Winer of Guru Design Group.

“In the past, I worked with traditional methods and my living conditions were very poor. I visited a friend growing the same crops. He was applying iDE’s techniques, which produced healthy, high-yielding vegetables. They sold easily at the market. I was impressed. So I adopted iDE techniques as well. Micro-irrigation has greatly reduced our labor so we can irrigate a much larger area. I see the opportunity to feed thousands of families.”
—Mr. Sri, Cambodian Farmer

One video describes how iDE helped introduce Cambodia farmers to a new crop, the sweet melon cultivars, that had not been previously grown in Cambodia. By forming a farmer association and creating a brand around the new crops, the sweet melon has become a new staple in Cambodia’s vegetable markets and grocery stores. Another video describes how iDE instructs farmers in the proper use and storage of agrochemicals, while a third depicts the day in the life of a vegetable collector, typically women, who take on risk—transport costs, perishability, price fluctuation, capital investment—and earn a profit when they efficiently gather, move, and deliver produce from the farm to the table. Along the way, vegetable collectors add value by grading, packaging, and passing on market information.  

“We chose Rafael to make videos about our farmers because he captures their charm and how hard they work, as well as really depicting the context of their poverty, in a way that print medium simply can’t. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, video is able to show much, much more.” 

—Bruce Hunte Todd, iDE Program Director, Cambodia Agribusiness Development Facility

iDE Cambodia has implemented this program through the Cambodia Agribusiness Development Facility since 2005, supported by successive grants from the New Zealand Aid Programme for over 12 years. This is an unprecedented partnership of ongoing funding driven by the consistent results in increased incomes for farmers achieved year-after-year.

Approximately 3,000 farmers have been transformed into small-scale commercial enterprises, increasing their annual incomes on average by more than $1,000. A total of six videos are now available on iDE’s website and YouTube channel. Additional information regarding iDE’s methods and results are also available.

About Rafael Winer and Guru Design Group

Guru Design Group provides website, photography, and film creation for international clients. Stills photographer and videographer Rafael Winer is a former news cameraman for Fuji Sankae, M6, and CNN, and a past member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild (ICG 600). Rafael has shot on over 45 feature films, as well as episodic and commercials, in the U.S., Mexico, China & Cambodia. Clients have included The Travel Channel, Warner Bros., Columbia Tri- Star, SONY ASIA, Lionsgate, CBS,  20th Century Fox, Gaumont & Universal. For Guru Design Group, Rafael shoots travel and commercial work and makes development documentaries for the U.N., USAID, CARE, Australian Aid, and iDE among others. His images have been published in TIME, Le Monde, El Pais, Libération, USA TODAY, Harper's Bazaar (Thailand), Travel+Leisure, Cosmopolitan (China), VOGUE (Germany), The London Daily Telegraph, and The New York Times.

About iDE

Formed by life entrepreneur Paul Polak in 1982, iDE uses the power of business to solve poverty. Working in agriculture; water, sanitation, and hygiene; and access to finance, iDE creates opportunities for low-income people to form businesses and support market solutions that bring transformational products and services to people living on less than $2 per day.

iDE is a 501(c)3 organization based in Denver, Colorado with offices in London, England and Winnipeg, Canada. It operates programs in eleven countries—five in Africa (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, and Zambia), four in Asia (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, and Vietnam), and two in Central America (Honduras and Nicaragua). With a current operating budget of $30 million, iDE has 1,100 staff, 96 percent of whom live in the countries they support and 93 percent of whom are citizens of those nations.

About New Zealand Aid Programme

The New Zealand Aid Programme is the New Zealand Government’s international aid and development programme within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Through the programme, New Zealand’s aid efforts concentrate on activities that contribute to poverty reduction through sustainable economic development; create safe, secure and inclusive societies; fulfill basic needs; and focus on sustainability.