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Sayphearak Mak is a Design Researcher for the iDesign in-house innovation lab of iDE Cambodia. He lends his skills as a designer to a wide range of projects including agriculture, WASH, nutrition, and health. Phearak has played different roles, such as researcher, designer, and project manager, supporting the design of various products, services and systems to solve problems for people.

With a background in quantitative research from the first four years of his career, Phearak has switched to mainly focus on qualitative research where he has been practicing  human-centered design as an approach to innovation. Phearak is a person with critical and analytical thinking which helps him to understand connections and complexity. Moreover, he is also a life-long learner.

Phearak loves listening to old music from 70s, 80s and 90s. He also loves learning to play guitar.

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