iDE Global

Amey Bansod is an innovation and strategy designer interested in understanding the various forces that shape human experiences and the implications of our choices on our collective well-being. He seeks to design for outcomes that not only serve immediate needs but also nudge us towards more empathetic and sustainable futures.

Amey has worked in varied sectors such as water and sanitation, healthcare, finance, education, and livelihoods across the African and Indian contexts. The resulting body of work, accompanied with multiple life experiences and interactions along the way, have provided him a unique multicultural perspective that informs his approach to design. Using a blend of innovation strategy, ethnography, and user experience design his work has produced meaningful impact for businesses, governments, and nonprofits. He has worked in a variety of contexts, teams and roles which have left him with a tempered optimism on the power of design in having a sustained impact on existing product experiences, business goals, cultural values, choices, and practices.

A vital aspect of his work blends design thinking and human-centered methodologies with a visual and cultural approach to design—to connect stakeholders and to tell compelling stories with real world narratives and implications. He hopes that this body of work serves as a gestalt of the soul which drives his work as a designer but also sparks opportunities for deeper conversations.

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